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Backlit Advertising Vehicles

So much more than just a billboard on wheels, our Backlit Advertising vans offer the latest in outdoor advertising technology with a sleek, modern and eye-catching design.

Designed for large events or street advertising these vehicles are still compact enough to engage with at close quarters, while also being visible from a great distance.

A most effective solution for increasing the reach of your message at large crowd gatherings like music festivals and sporting events, this is a great solution when it comes to driving your business forward.

Our vehicles provide a 48-sheet billboard that can target a specific location at a particular time of day. It could be football fans attending a game or shoppers turning up at a supermarket, the list is endless when it comes to promotional opportunities.

Visible in the dark and noticeable during poor weather a backlit advertising vehicle is a vital part of any outdoor advertising campaign and can target individuals at the same time as crowds of thousands

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