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Digital Advertising Vehicles

Get your message across with this high-impact advertising tool that’s visible and extremely memorable. Digital Advertising Vans can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs and deployed to a wide range of outdoor locations and events, guaranteeing a greater return on investment over traditional marketing techniques while its mobile nature allows for precise demographic targeting and strategic placement, which means maximising exposure and optimising impact.

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Backlit Advertising Vehicles Product Icon

Backlit Advertising Vehicles

This mobile billboard offers the latest in outdoor advertising technology and enables you to deliver your message directly to any audience. Designed for large events or street advertising these vehicles are still compact enough to engage with at close quarters, while still being visible from a great distance. A most effective solution for increasing the reach of your message at large crowd gatherings like music festivals and sporting events, this is a great solution when it comes to driving your business forward.

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Movies Under the Stars Product Icon

Movies Under the Stars

See your message on the big screen and in front of an audience of thousands with our ‘movies under the stars’ events. These large outdoor screens allow you to put your business in the spotlight at the heart of any event and really captivate your audience thanks to a stunning visual display. Maybe not as mobile as some of our advertising options, this is a high profile solution that can bring its own rewards in terms of generating interest and raising your company profile.

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