Rainmaker Marketing

Agency: Rainmaker Marketing

Date: December 2014

Location: North West England

Media Solution: Digital Advertising Vehicle


A novel way to encourage customers to save energy by insulating their homes.


We wanted to achieve a maximum impact for this campaign, which was designed to make people realise just how much energy they waste during the cold winter months due to not properly insulting their homes. To maximise the effect we did not allocate a specific date for the campaign but simply waited for some of the coldest days of the year. A digital advertising van was then sent out to some of the biggest towns and cities in the north west displaying images of a warm and cosy house which was able to retain all of the heat being generated.

The fact that weather was very grey, cold and snow was in the air meant it really stood out and certainly turned heads.


Our digital advertising van followed a timed and targeted brief, with the large LED screen playing the client’s digital media on one of the coldest days of the year. The campaign was carried out over two peak times of the day – early morning and late afternoon – which completed the brief exactly as required by the client, who described the venture as a “huge success.”

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