At icatching Media Ltd we offer a range of mobile marketing and advertising solutions that drive your message right to the heart of large audiences as well as carefully targeted consumers.

The company was set up in response to a growing number of companies looking for new and innovative ways to market their brand and stand out from the competition, and because of this we now view ourselves as one of the key players in an ever expanding industry.

Much of the innovative technology we use has only been around for the last couple of years and the amount of companies actually providing this equipment for hire are few and far between, meaning we are one of the most established and trusted on the market.

We pride ourselves on being experts in our field, and achieve this by keeping up with all the latest technological developments, enabling us to offer new and innovative media solutions in this ever changing and fast paced industry.

We not only provide a service that is second to none when it comes to our tried and tested formats, but we also work closely with our clients in order to deliver the bespoke campaign that they and their business desire with all campaigns individually designed to ensure maximum results. So why not put your business on the big screen?